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Dahlin Ya-Yas,

I wish you could smell the yellow scented lily that sits in a vase next to my computer. Its scent is just right—not too shy, and not too over-powering. This summer seems the sweetest in years. In front of the porch is a wild garden filled with snapdragons, lavender and pink roses, (I can never remember the names of flowers unless they are words which reach out and caress me as much as the scent, and beautiful as the flower itself.) But back to the flowers!

Lacey-top hydrangea, foxglove, and — “taa-daa” — the flower whose face seems to be the face of God — the sunflower — also graces us! Those of you who have read “Divine Secrets” or kept up with my posts over the years know that I bow down to this flower in delight and a kind of sunflower worship that some might call Pagan, but which I call gratefulness.

When I’m not writing, I’m enjoying walking up the lane with old Douglas firs towering above me. I check in on the sheep, who are fat and happy in the pasture they were just moved into today. Lucy had an infection, and my sweet husband gave her the shots she needed. Now she’s all better. Mister Lonely, who was once shunned by all the others, is no longer isolated since Gracie befriended him.

Our little King Charles Cavalier spaniel, Mercy, continues to ignore the sheep as though they were not only a lesser species, but as though they simply weren’t there! She is a princess as she trots down the lane, not pausing for a moment as the sheep “baaaa” to me, hoping for a bit of alfalfa.

La Luna shines down on everything. She grows from a “fingernail” moon, as I called her as a child, to a full glorious moon that takes our breath away. I watch her from the front porch move across the southern sky. I look to her for aid; I look to her with a grateful heart. I look to her with prayers for peace and love for all of you, for all of our sisters and brothers on this tiny planet spinning in space.

No matter what happens, we are sisters. The only thing that is constant is change. Let’s embrace it like a friend who leads us through the open door.

Take care, be happy, and remember to keep dancing in the kitchen!

84,000 Blessings,


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“This latest book from the author of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is another bayou classic.”

More from Southern Living…

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Rebecca Wells’ novel about coming of age in southern Louisiana, “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder,” is tugged by the moon. In fact, the moon is more or less a character in the book, shining upon its namesake town of La Luna and particularly on its heroine, Calla Lily Ponder.

Read the review: Richmond Times-Dispatch

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Dahlin’ dears,

Have you ever read “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde?

For me, this book is solid gold for those involved in making any kind of art. Hyde divides the book into two parts: first, a wide-reaching exploration of indigenous people’s gift-giving societies; secondly, a study of what happens to a piece of art when it is put forth into a commodity society. Hyde gave me a way to look at not only my work, but also my life — and all life — as a gift. Pure gift.

This book, tattered from years of carrying it in suitcases, duffel bags, and carry-ons has been my talisman as I continue to try and understand how to keep the spirit of gift-giving while I work for profit. This book gave me a vocabulary for talking about any art form. After readings and re-readings, after success came to me, it helped me establish my personal aesthetic: Does a work of art constrict the heart or does it open it wider to more love and generosity?

What book speaks to you?

84,000 blessings,


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Dahlin Dears,

What a time of year, yes? The trees so full, the roses, oh the roses in full bloom. I have a weakness for lavender roses. I don’t know their names, but when I see them I swoon. (Not that I don’t swoon at other times whether I want to or not.)

La Luna this month in all her glory beckons me to think about faith. About the movement from hope toward faith. What do we believe in? I believe in the “sacrament of the moment.” I believe in the power of forgiveness. I believe in the boundless power of love. I believe in the power of gratitude that helps me walk through this life. What do y’all believe? Please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

84,000 blessings,


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Hey Y’all!

I had a great time talking to Liane! We met for the first time when she interviewed me in Philadelphia for my one-woman show that I was touring at the time.

Here is the link to my interview with Liane Hansen on today’s Sunday Weekend Edition. I hope you’ll go give it a listen!

Listen to Rebecca Wells on National Public Radio

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