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Dear Readers,

Soft, warm light came shining through my home office window today. It’s so good to see and feel the power of the sun returning to the Northern Hemisphere as summer-time comes tip-toeing in, delivering healing energy after a long, long winter. I feel the strength of that powerful healing from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. This springtime energy brings me back to life! I feel like a daffodil poking its way through the earth and up, up, up into the world.

Sometimes our souls need healing. Sometimes our bodies need healing. Sometimes both mind and body could use a shot of sunshine. Living with a painful chronic condition sends plenty of good, strong people right down a deep rabbit-hole where they hide away, hoping that the hurt will just go away, wrapping up in a blanket of numbing medication and praying for relief that may or may not appear.

Emotional pain can hurt as strongly as physical pain, and the two of them often sashay along hand-in-hand like chummy sorority sisters in matching sweater sets, strolling through people’s lives leaving broken bits and pieces behind. It takes kindness and gentle hands to lift up a wounded soul, sharing the warm sunshine and opening up to the process of healing.

I’ve survived what I thought at the time was an irreparably broken heart. I’ll bet you have too. When you’re in the throes of emotional pain, it feels like there’s no way to ever get past it. But we do. And we learn. And we grow through the pain into (hopefully) stronger human beings. And oh, the lessons that we learn as we grow!

May the warm light of healing glow from within you,


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“I couldn’t put this book down. I had to know how the story of Miss Calla Lily unfolded. Just like the flower she is named for, the story of Calla Lily twirls through soft, concise spirals of softness and meaning. I am glad to have known her for a short time.” — Liesl
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Posted May 26th, 2010 in Blog

Hey y’all!

I read at Liberty Bay Book Store in Poulsbo, Washington the other night. It was very intimate — just a small book group and me, talking about my latest book, THE CROWNING GLORY OF CALLA LILY PONDER. You can view this video HERE.

Now that the book is in paperback, more book groups are reading it because it’s really affordable. I love being with book groups.

Let me know about your book groups — or about your experience of reading alone. Both are great, if different. How are they different for you?



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Sandra Ingerman’s Blog
“The whole book is happy, even the parts that deal with hardship, because spirituality is always close to the surface. It does show marvelous examples of how we can all perform little miracles every day, no matter how humble our profession, how empty our pocketbook, or how harsh life seems at any given moment.” – Sandra Ingerman

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Walking through the market in search of fresh produce, I can’t help taking in the colors of fruits and vegetables, deep and rich; blood oranges, yellow bananas, purple eggplant and deep green broccoli dazzle the eye. As I ponder which items to add to my basket and which to pass by, out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a woman so drop-dead gorgeous that she takes my breath away.

In her mid-70s, this elegant lady is dressed to the nines, wearing full make-up as though for an evening at the opera. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, nails brightly polished, jewelry twinkling and sparkling. Her equally attractive husband is by her side, attentive and lively. I couldn’t help thinking, “What beautiful people!”

Pop culture tells us that beauty is connected with youth and that when we get older, we leave beauty behind, but Calla Lily Ponder’s mother M’Dear and I know differently. We know that the light of beauty comes from within. Even the most perfectly featured face needs a beautiful soul to shine through with goodness, sweetness and love if it is to be truly beautiful.

M’Dear knew that a woman worn down by the 84,000 little details of life might decide that taking the time to fuss over her own self is just too much trouble. So M’Dear made The Beauty Porch a peaceful haven for women, a place to gather and talk, to pass a little “girlfriend-time,” all while getting a wash-and-set or a cut-and-color. Time would fly as fast as the laughter and talk, while Calla Lily watched M’Dear work her magic on women who arrived feeling tired and drained, but departed filled with energy, revived by the ministrations of M’Dear’s deft hands.

Real beauty is indefinable, yet tangible. It’s rooted in the way a woman feels about herself and her place in the world, and is less about the way a woman looks and more about how she feels about herself, her life and her place in the world. I have my own little beauty tricks (daily yoga and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!), but I’m curious to learn how other women nurture their inner and outer beauty.

What are your rituals, the little things you can’t live without?

How do you insure that you don’t lose yourself in the day-to-day insanity of life?

How do you keep yourself beautiful?

84,000 beautiful blessings,


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“While The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder does deal with some pretty serious subjects, the overall feel of the book is on the lighter side, which was perfectly okay with me. This would be a perfect novel to take to the beach or the pool this summer and just enjoy while laying out and having a few cocktails (or sipping on water…. whatever your pleasure). I truly enjoyed this novel and I’m happy to say that Rebecca Wells is still one of my favorite authors.” blogger Book Addiction

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Posted May 18th, 2010 in Blog

Blogger Tiny Little Reading Room says:

This was a sweet book, mostly a coming-of-age story. I liked that Calla Lily enjoyed life in both New Orleans and her beloved La Luna, but that she came home in the end. There is a lot of love in this book – almost everyone who knows Calla Lily loves her and she is a very loving person. There is also a lot of sadness in her young life, but thankfully she has enough people to comfort her along the way. Her relationship with her family, especially M’Dear, is lovely and she has some very true friends in Sukey and Renee – the three girls are very different, but they make a great trio. Calla Lily is smart, spunky, and amibitious but a good girl at heart, Renee is very quiet and a homebody, and sexy Sukey just wants to have fun.

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Posted May 17th, 2010 in Blog

I’m putting in my dahlia bulbs this weekend. So many of them wintered over beautifully! Now I’m on the prowl for sunflower starts. Every year I put out seeds, the birds get them. Any gardeners out there with ideas on how to keep seeds tucked in, safe from the birds (which I also love!)? I hope you all have a lovely weekend. XOXO

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Posted May 14th, 2010 in Blog

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder is much more than I can say here as you also get to meet Calla Lily’s friends in the novel as well as some of the people living in La Luna. I loved the descriptions of the food, people and the area of La Luna as well as the same types of descriptions of New Orleans. I found Calla Lily an easy character to like. She seemed a very vulnerable girl throughout – very caring and sweet. There were parts I laughed at and a few parts where I shed a few tears. — blogger Peeking Between the Pages

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Posted May 13th, 2010 in Blog

“Rebecca Wells allows the reader to travel to Louisiana through Calla Lily, and by the end of the novel, you feel you have shared an intimate conversation with each of her characters. Never having been to Louisiana myself, this book made me want to buy a plane ticket and escape to Calla Lily’s magical community, La Luna.” — blogger Feminist Review

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