Cotton Candy Days

I enjoy the July 4th celebration from our home base in the Pacific Northwest. The folks on our small island really like to go all out, and it’s just so much fun! My husband and I like to go around the island with friends and try to catch the fireworks from different spots. My favorite is to take the ferry from the island to Seattle and watch the fireworks go right above our heads.

Remember celebrating the Fourth of July when you were a child? I don’t know what I liked best back then—the fireworks, the rides, or the food! Don’t ask me how I was able to gobble caramel apples, popcorn, elephant ears, cotton candy, corn on the cob, and hot dogs all in the same day – followed by swirly-twirly rides on the carousel and Ferris wheel.

I like going back in time in my head and reminiscing. What was your July 4th holiday like as a child? How does it differ from the way you celebrate today? What do you miss? What new traditions have you incorporated?

84,000 sweet days,


Posted June 28th, 2010 in Blog
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Responses to “Cotton Candy Days”

  1. Jessica says:

    Dear Rebecca;

    I have spent the past week recouperating from surgery, going stir-crazy in bed. I reread your books for the two-dozenth time, and they never fail to move me, no matter how familiar they are.

  2. This is a interesting post.

  3. Aunt Bebe says:

    My fondest memory of the Fourth of July, hands down, was the year we went to Henry Zelewski’s. You see, Henry was a friend of my father’s from his work, at Sears- a massive, round-faced bearded happy man that my dad played cards and bowled with…or at least that was what they told their wives.
    Henry’s family had a home somewhere close to the city, and I had been there once. By sheer luck, it was the day they made peirogies for dinner and I got to eat with them! Giant butter-crisp dumplings filled with cheesy mashed potatoes that melted when you bit down and chewed! But Fourth of July was not spent at the house in the city. It was at their weekend house.
    See, the Zeliewski’s were magical in my eyes because they owned a house on an island in the river. They invited our family to come for the holiday! My father and mother called ahead to tell Mr. Zeliewski when to expect us, so that he could come over by boat and pick us up to take us to his island retreat! We rode our car to the edge of the river, parked, and when he pulled the boat up to the dock, I felt like I was headed to a tropical fantasy.
    Funny how we remember feelings more than we remember actual events. I do remember that they had a very simple little white house, I remember fireworks, and sparklers and Billy Joel “Only the Good Die Young” playing. Mostly I remember a feeling of sheer happiness and joy with life in that day.
    I miss childhood. I think I will have another.

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