Invitation to Rebecca’s Front Porch

Darlingest Readers,

I am thrilled to welcome you to Rebecca’s Front Porch , a place where we can exchange thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams and joy in a supportive environment. Imagine you’re on a big front porch with comfy chairs, good food, good drink, and soon-to-be good friends. Together we’ll sit and watch the moon rise and feel warm breezes like the Ya-Yas did in the lazy rhythm that defies the current, furious, fast pace of contemporary life. We’ll open our hearts to the joys and suffering of one another, even as we give witness to the suffering of others and mother earth. We’ll talk about our babies, our grown children, husbands, lovers, girlfriends, and also oil spills. We won’t be afraid to speak up loudly against the tyranny of corporate greed that threatens to strangle that which is precious.

At the same time, we will remember that politeness and etiquette are of utmost importance. Be bad girls, be sexy girls, be loving girls, be loud girls, be shy girls. But above all, be chatty girls! The tweets come from real chickadees and redbirds that hang out in the chinaberry tree. This is a chance to once again grow a community of women in which we can feel safe and cherished as we remember the world of the Ya-Yas:

“In the photograph, a Rose of Montana vine wound up and across a porch raining so thick with blossoms that the light must have glowed pink. On an oversized rattan sofa with wide, curved arms and chintz-covered cushions lay Vivi, Necie, Caro and Teensy, two by two, head to foot, with their legs in such a tangle that Sidda could not tell whose painted toenails were whose. Vivi wore a striped halter top and shorts, and her hair was pulled up off her heck, with little blond tendrils falling loose in the moist heat. A wrought-iron table was to the side of the sofa and held a black rotary fan. Four tall tea glasses sat on the floor with long spoons in them” *

Doesn’t that sound like just the place to spend some good girlfriend time? So, I invite you to sashay up onto this place which is between our homes and the wider world, and relax into what the Ya-Yas might call a girl gumbo! I look forward to meeting you here and to becoming girlfriends.

84,000 blessings,


* Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, page 79 © Rebecca Wells

Posted July 5th, 2010 in Blog
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Responses to “Invitation to Rebecca’s Front Porch”

  1. Sidonie Thomas McDaniel says:

    Rebecca: Don’t know if you remember me…..I’m a friend of Eileen’s and Virginia Provosty’s cousin. I met you several times “back in the day”, mostly when I lived over on West Parker near LSU….. But wanted to send you a message to say that I just finished Calla Lily (also read your others) sitting out on my balcony in Alex. this morning, in one of the first mornings possible to do so due to the heat of the last several months!! I’ve been meaning to let you know how your writing reaches down deep somewhere in my soul and touches the magic of Louisiana that only those who really know it can understand, but that others can only envy and imagine. I love your writing and find myself needing to reread certain lines that touch my spirit. Just want you to know how much I have enjoyed your books and want to encourage you to continue weaving your magic through the written word! Sending you love and admiration from the heart of LA! Sid

  2. Aunt Bebe says:

    I just needed to tell you how very much I treasure the time I spend with Vivi, Caro and Necie. My husband passed away 3 years ago from a malignant brain tumor, and we struggled as a family with his illness for 3 years before his passing. He was a wonderful man when he was well, but the tumor, treatments and surgeries changed him, and ultimately he deteriorated to someone almost unrecognizeable to me or my children. This struggle, and the struggle that followed with his passing was ugly, painful and left us scarred and beaten.
    I have not always been the best parent in these last 6 years, certainly not by the strict standards of some of my Christian friends and my old-fashioned Catholic mother-in-law. But I have tried my very best and loved my children to the point it hurts and fills me with indescribable joy simultaneoously.
    When I read their conversations in Ya-Yas In Bloom, I see myself. The conversations with Vivi and Caro made me laugh! I saw so much of my own life reflected in the pages. I felt a sense of confirmation that I would be fine, that I am fine and that my children will survive this and thrive.
    I relied so very much on my Lady when things were so difficult. I knew she understood how it felt to know someone you loved would die, and you could not stop it, you had to suffer it in silence. You see, my husband refused to accept that his illness was terminal, so I could not share my pain or grief until the very end. She knows the strength it takes and shares it with us.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful Ya-Yas with us. I feel they are dear friends to me. They give me confidence that I can continue to endure what may come, and that I must always make Joy, and seek to find the Joy in this life.

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