Thanksgiving Weekend, 2010

Sweet potato souffle, cornbread dressing, golden-brown turkey, pecan pie… sound familiar? I can’t help thinking of all the tasty dishes that traditionally cover my family’s table at Thanksgiving. Who can resist a big pile of smashed potatoes drowning in rich gravy? I love it all – the menu planning, shopping at my favorite markets, baking pies and roasting that big bird. I could eat myself into a coma (although I swear I do try to be just a little bit reasonable!)

At this time of year, when gathering around the table for a meal with friends and loved ones, I can’t help thinking of all the people who find themselves without the resources to put together this kind of feast. I think about those who go to bed hungry night after night, those who have to choose between paying the heat bill and buying groceries. This should not happen in the richest country in the world.

Thankfully (there’s that word again!) there are wonderful, caring people working diligently to help those who can’t feed their families. Local food banks staffed by volunteers are finding themselves staring at bare shelves wondering what they will do to help feed the hungry. We can help our neighbors – and we should! I spent a few minutes today doing a web search to find a local food pantry, and my personal action plan includes dropping off food as often as I can. I hope you will join me in this effort. I know times are hard and we’re all trying to do more with less these days. Every little bit helps. Here’s a great resource that may help you as you look for ways to help feed the hungry in your community:

84,000 Thanksgiving blessings


Posted November 27th, 2010 in Blog
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